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Striped Watermelon

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Watermelon is one of the largest fruits that exists. Its shape is mainly rounded, although there are also oval, cylindrical flattened ends and, thanks to Japanese cultivation techniques, even square. Watermelon has a hard and smooth crust. The colours of its skin and flesh define watermelon in a special way due to its beautiful contrast. The first one, in its maturity, varies between green and yellow, being able to acquire a uniform green tone with yellowish, greyish or light green spots. The second stands out for its red colour, although depending on the varieties, also pink, bright yellow or orange. The texture of the pulp is gritty and when it is introduced into the mouth it dissolves easily as 90% of it is water. It is rich in fructose and low in calories. Due to the amount of water it contains, it is an excellent diuretic.

Watermelon provides vitamins A, B, C, E, potassium, magnesium and mineral salts. Thus, it is a purifying and antioxidant fruit. The contribution of magnesium and potassium, explains the virtues of this fruit to replace losses of mineral salts. It contains little fibre and its contribution in fat is minimal.


Available from June to September

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For watermelons with pips, these are black-brown and very hard, scattered inside the pulp. However, “seedless” watermelons contain very soft nuggets in whitish and yellowish tones. The taste of watermelon is a combination of watery-refreshing and juicy-sweet, so it is a very attractive fruit facing the hot summer.

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sandia sin pepita agromontes