Proceso Productivo

Own seedbed

We have our own seedbed, for greater control and security of our crops. This allows us to try new varieties of the market.


Personnel with experience

We have personnel with experience in the company and in the sector, which stands out for its professionalism and efficiency. These members of staff also have extensive experience in collection and handling.


Cultivation area


We have a cultivation area of more than 900 hectares, 75 of them in greenhouses. We have our own land in the fields of Cartagena and different areas along the Murcian coast. This allows us to offer different products throughout the year thanks to a uniform and regular schedule.


Pack house


The pack house covers an area of 6,200 square metres. It has handling lines, 1,500 square metres of chillers for quick cooling, and maintenance and vacuum cooling, which helps to preserve the quality of the products that arrive directly from our fields.


Direct delivery to the customer


We have a fleet of 100 refrigerated trucks operating nationally and internationally. This facilitates the shipment of the goods directly to the final destination as requested by the client.